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For entrepreneurs, SMBs and the self-employed

More than 50,000 people in 70 countries use Kiwili every day!
Kiwili, a simple social app for managing staff and clients : a montreal-based startup called kiwili has combined elements from both billing and productivity applications to develop one unified dashboard for managing clients and teams.

Brodie Beta
One interesting thing to note, Kiwili implement a project related financial cost-effectiveness notion. It enable managers to follow the project’s tasks progress in real-time. A must-have tool!

Fabien Loszach
Pleasant interface, friendly and ease architecture. All the necessary functions for the management of my small company are there.

Annie Talbot
Services linguistiques
Affordable, web applications like Kiwili enhance productivity, making a small business look like a much bigger one.

For small businesses et self-employed who want to straighten their business.

Alain McKenna
I've used Kiwili since I started my business three years ago.

With Kiwili, I don't lose any invoices and I get paid very quickly. In addition to saving me lots of time, Kiwili makes me look really professional to my clients

Gwenvaël Ballu
La Formatrice
Kiwili simply changed my life as an entrepreneur!

I used to rely on Excel for accounting and my day-to-day cash management and had no tool for project management. Using an all-in-one tool has been crucial to the growth of my business.
I recommend Kiwili without any hesitation.

Nicolas Clergue

A billing and business management tool

Your finances and projects are within reach at a glance

Simple indicators in real time

List your business activities

Get follow-up alerts

Monitor your current tasks and projects

Billing, project management, estimates and cash flow...

All the tools you need to manage your business

Bills online

Create professional invoices
and get paid online

Manage your expenses

Control your costs and manage
your recurring expenses easily

Manage your cash flow

Meet your payments
by tracking your cash

Produce detailed reports

Follow up on the status of your goals
in real-time with comprehensive reports

Share files

Index and share files
with your colleagues

Customer relationships

Ultra-easy tools for managing your
contacts, customers and suppliers

Manage your projects

Organize your projects and
track their profitability in real time

Organize your tasks

Plan your projects
better with tasks

Track your time

Follow up on the status of your goals
with real-time detailed reports

Send quotes

Create detailed quotes
easily to accelerate your sales

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  Users 1   1   Up to 5   Up to 15 *  
  Clients 3        
  Contacts 20        
  Projects 3        
  Time Management        
  Estimates and Invoices        
  File Sharing     1 GB   5 GB   20 GB  
  Online Support          
  Cash Flow            
  Business Analysis              
  Telephone Support              

* Kiwili also offers customized solutions: additional users, specific features and more.

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